Program at a Glance

Symposium Program

Technical Session 1: Short Papers
11h - 11h20
Deploying Privacy as a Service within a Cloud-Based Framework"

Jorge Luiz Machado da Silva (UNICAMP - Brazil), Marcio Assis (UNICAMP - Brazil), Alexandre Braga (UNICAMP - Brazil), Regina Moraes (UNICAMP - Brazil)

11h20 - 11h40
BLOCKHOUSE : Blockchain-based distributed storehouse system"

Doriane Perard (ISAE-SUPAERO - France), Lucas Gicquel (Edokial - France), Jérôme Lacan (ISAE-SUPAERO - France)

11h40 - 12h
Inviolable Presence Registration of Mobile Entities in the ContextNet Middleware"

Matheus Leal (PUC-Rio - Brazil), Flávia Pisani (PUC-Rio - Brazil), Markus Endler (PUC-Rio - Brazil)

Technical Session 2: Security and Protocols
14h - 14h25
SM4VO: A Security Management Mechanism for Virtual Organizations
(full paper) – 25 min

Maykon Chagas (UNOESC - Brazil), Jucélio Silva (UNIVALI - Brazil), Daniel Adriano (UNIVALI - Brazil), Michelle Wangham (UNIVALI - Brazil)

14h25 - 14h50
Squad: A Secure, Simple Storage Service for SGX-based Microservices
(full paper) – 25 min

Matteus Silva (UFCG - Brazil), Fábio Silva (UFCG - Brazil), Andrey Brito (UFCG - Brazil)

14h50 - 15h15
NFV-RBCast: Enabling the Network to Offer Reliable and Ordered Broadcast Services
(full paper) ) – 25 min

Giovanni Venâncio (UFPR - Brazil), Rogério Turchetti (UFSM - Brazil), Elias Duarte Jr. (UFPR - Brazil)

15h15 - 15h40
A Comprehensive Evaluation of Webpage Content Features for Detecting Malicious Websites
(full paper) – 25 min

John McGahagan (University of Maryland - USA), Darshan Bhansali (University of Maryland - USA), Ciro Pinto-Coelho (Universty of Maryland - USA), Michel Cukier (University of Maryland - USA)

15h40 - 16h05
Implementation, Verification and Validation of a Safe and Secure Communication Protocol for the Railway Domain (PER)
– 25 min

Duccio Bertieri (University of Florence - Italy), Tommaso Zoppi (University of Florence - Italy), Innocenzo Mungiello (RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana - Italy), Andrea Ceccarelli (Università degli Studi di Firenze - Italy), Andrea Bondavalli (university of Firenze - Italy)

Technical Session 3: Best Papers Candidates
08h30 - 09h
An Exploratory Study of the Combination of Static Analysis Tools Alerts for Vulnerability Detection using Machine Learning
(full paper) – 30 min

José D'Abruzzo Pereira (University of Coimbra - Portugal), João Campos (University of Coimbra - Portugal), Marco Vieira (University of Coimbra - Portugal)

09h - 09h30
Performability Analysis of a Tramway System with Virtual Tags and Local Positioning
(full paper) – 30 min

Leandro Silva (UFAL - Brazil), Diamantea Mongelli (Resiltech S.R.L. - Italy), Paolo Lollini (University of Firenze - Italy), Andrea Bondavalli (university of Firenze - Italy), Gianluca Mandò (Thales Italia SpA - Italy)

09h30 - 10h
Combining State and Interface -Based Robustness Testing for OpenStack Components
(full paper) – 30 min

Wallace Felipe Cardoso (UNICAMP - Brazil), Eliane Martins (UNICAMP - Brazil), Nuno Laranjeiro (University of Coimbra - Portugal), Nuno Antunes (University of Coimbra - Portugal)

10h - 10h30
Survivability in optical networks: a solution for the wavelength continuity constraint case
(full paper) - 30 min

NIcolas Jara (Universidad Santa María - Chile), Hermann Pempelfort (Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María - Chile), Gerardo Rubino (Inria - France), Reinaldo Vallejos (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María - Chile)

Technical Session 4: Replication, Availability and Performance
14h - 14h25
Low Cost Synchronization For Actively Replicated Data Streams
(full paper) – 25 min

André Martin (TU Dresden - Germany), Andrey Brito (UFCG - Brazil), Christof Fetzer (TU Dresden - Germany)

14h25 - 15h50
Resource Utilization Analysis of Early Scheduling in Parallel State Machine Replication
(full paper) – 25 min

Eliã de Lima Batista (PUCRS - Brazil), Eduardo Alchieri (UnB - Brazil), Fernando Dotti (PUCRS - Brazil), Fernando Pedone (University of Lugano - Switzerland)

14h50 - 15h15
IaaS Cloud Availability Planning using Models and Genetic Algorithms
(full paper) – 25 min

Matheus D'Eça Torquato de Melo (IFAL - Brazil), Lucas Torquato (IFAL - Brazil), Paulo Maciel (UFPE - Brazil), Marco Vieira (University of Coimbra - Portugal)

15h15 - 15h40
Analysing dependability and performance of a real-world Elastic Search application
(full paper) – 25 min

Malika Bendechache (Dublin City University - Ireland), Patricia Endo (UFPE - Brazil), Ivanovitch Silva (UFRN - Brazil), Guto Leoni Santos (UFPE - Brazil), Luiz Guedes (UFRN - Brazil), Sergej Svorobej (Dublin City University - Ireland), James Byrne (Dublin City University - Ireland), Theo Lynn (Dublin City University - Ireland)

15h40 - 16h05
Improving data availability in HDFS though replica balancing
(PER) – 25 min

Rhauani Fazul (UFSM - Brazil), Patricia Pitthan Barcelos (UFSM - Brazil), Paulo Vinicius Cardoso (UFSM - Brazil)

Technical Session 5: Vehicular Networks and IoT
16h30 - 16h55
A Handover Algorithm for Video Sharing over Vehicular Networks
(full paper) -25 min

Lucas Pacheco (UFPA - Brazil), Iago Medeiros (UFPA - Brazil), Hugo Santos (UFPA - Brazil), Helder Oliveira (UFPA - Brazil), Denis Rosário (UFPA - Brazil), Eduardo Cerqueira (UFPA - UFPA - Brazil), Augusto Neto (UFRN - Brazil)

16h55 - 17h20
A dependability evaluation for OBD-II Edge Devices: an Internet of Intelligent Vehicles perspective
(full paper) – 25 min

Gabriel Signoretti (UFRN - Brazil), Marianne Silva (UFRN - Brazil), Jordy Araujo (UFRN - Brazil), Ivanovitch Silva (UFRN - Brazil), Diego Silva (UFRN - Brazil), Paolo Ferrari (University of Brescia - Italy), Emiliano Sisinni (University of Brescia - Italy)

17h20 - 17h45
Implementation of a Dependable Smart Device in IoT Era
(PER) – 25 min

Diego Silva (UFRN, Brazil), Marcelo Nogueira (UFRN - Brazil), Marconi Rodrigues (UFRN - Brazil), Ivanovitch Silva (UFRN - Brazil), Paolo Ferrari (University of Brescia - Italy), Emiliano Sisinni (University of Brescia - Italy)

Industry Track
Session 1 (Invited Talk)
17:30 18:10
Firewall Log Aggregation with Elastic Stack for Security Information and Event Management

Lucas Nathan Barbosa de Oliveira and Felipe Jhonas Meller (Itaipu Technology Park)

Abstract: As enterprises and governments are having a growing number of devices being connected to the Internet, their attack surface also grows proportionally, therefore opening more opportunities for cybercriminals. Those new devices require new mechanisms for process and analyze information flows and security events, as well as to manage incidents for a much larger number of devices with increased amounts of information and speed of information flows. However when the subject is cybersecurity in information and automation network, it is not enough to configure everything according to security guidelines, it is also required to know what is going through the net. The Elastic Stack provides ways to accomplish this task, furthermore, it's distributed, lightweight, scalable and open-source, meaning a customizable tool but also with a steep learning curve. In this talk, we'll present the challenges and the experience we had on building a log aggregation system, and the challenges to come for the improvement of this solution.

Session 2 (Short papers)
18:10 às 18h30 A Combined Structure for Security in Distributed Simulation

Xerxes Slaghenaufi (UFSM-BR), Rodrigo Pincolini Amaral (UFSM-BR), and Raul Ceretta Nunes (UFSM-BR)

Session 1 (Invited Papers)
08h30 - 08h50
Addressing Verification and Validation Challenges in Future Cyber-Physical Systems

Nuno Laranjeiro (UC, PT), Camilo Gomez( Universidad de los Andes, CO), Enrico Schiavone ( ResilTech S.R.L, IT), Leonardo Montecchi (UNICAMP, BR), Manoel J. M. Carvalho (INPE, BR), Paolo Lollini (UNIFI, IT) and Zoltán Micskei ( Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU)

08h50 - 09h10
ATMOSPHERE: Adaptive, Trustworthy, Manageable, Orchestrated, Secure, Privacy-assuring, Hybrid Ecosystem for REsilient cloud computing

Andrey Brito (UFCG, BR), Francisco Brasileiro (UFCG, BR), Ignacio Blanquer (UPV, ES), Altigran Silva (UFAM BR), André Carvalho (UFAM, BR)

09h10 - 09h30
End-to-end Security in the IoT Computing Continuum: Perspectives in the SWAMP Project

João H. Kleinschmidt (UFABC, BR), Carlos Kamienski (UFABC, BR), Ronaldo C. Prati (UFABC, BR), Kari Kolehmainen (VTT, FI), Cristiano Aguzzi (University of Bologna, IT)

Session 2
09h30 - 09h50
Optimizing resource availability in composable data center infrastructures

Leylane Ferreira (UFPE, BR), Elisson da Silva Rochay (UPE, BR), Kayo Henrique C. Monteiroy (UPE, BR), Guto Leoni Santos (UFPE, BR), Francisco Airton Silva (UFPI, BR), Judith Kelner (UFPE, BR), Djamel Sadok (UFPE, BR), Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho (UPE, BR), Pierangelo Rosati (DCU, IRL), Theo Lynnx (DCU, IRL), Patricia Takako Endo (UPE, BR / DCU, IRL)

09h50 - 10h10
STAMP-based Approach to Analyze Safety, Security and Data Privacy

Nivio Paula de Souza (ITA, BR ), Cecília de Azevedo Castro César (ITA, BR), Juliana de Melo Bezerra (ITA, BR), Celso Massaki Hirata (ITA, BR)

10h10 - 10h30: Student Forum Paper
Securing Confidential Documents in BYOD Devices

Herath H.M.S.N., Karunarathna A.M.S.S., Sampath D.M.C., Peramunugama K.P., Abeywardena K.Y.