SBESC 2019: IX Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering
The SBESC 2019 is co-located with the LADC 2019, and will be held from November 19th to 22nd. The SBESC is an initiative of the research community originally associated with three events, the Operating Systems Workshop (WSO), Embedded Systems Workshop (WSE) and Real-Time Systems Workshop (WTR), acknowledging the strong synergy between these three areas, and also motivated by the fact that the design of computing systems is an increasingly multidisciplinary task. Since 2013, the Brazilian Conference on Critical Embedded Systems (CBSEC) is also part of SBESC. In order to further strengthen the integration between these communities and to better represent the interdisciplinarity found in many research initiatives, since 2015 SBESC is no longer divided into separated tracks. Instead, a broad list of topics of interest is presented, covering the main aspects of the original SBESC tracks.
The following papers have been accepted for presentation in the LADC 2019 main conference track:
Full Papers
  • "Analysing dependability and performance of a real-world Elastic Search application"

    Malika Bendechache, Ivanovitch Silva, Guto Leoni Santos, Luiz Affonso Guedes, Sergej Svorobej, Manuel Noya Mario, M. Eduardo Ares, James Byrne, Patricia Takako Endo, Theo Lynn

  • "Combining State and Interface -Based Robustness Testing for OpenStack Components"

    Wallace Felipe Cardoso, Eliane Martins, Nuno Laranjeiro, Nuno Antunes

  • "NFV-RBCast: Enabling the Network to Offer Reliable and Ordered Broadcast Services"

    Giovanni Venâncio, Rogério Turchetti, Elias Duarte Jr.

  • "Survivability in optical networks: a solution for the wavelength continuity constraint case"

    Nicolas Jara, Hermann Pempelfort, Gerardo Rubino, Reinaldo Vallejos

  • "An Exploratory Study of the Combination of Static Analysis Tools Alerts for Vulnerability Detection using Machine Learning"

    José D'Abruzzo Pereira, João Campos, Marco Vieira

  • "Low Cost Synchronization For Actively Replicated Data Streams"

    André Martin, Andrey Brito, Christof Fetzer

  • "Performability Analysis of a Tramway System with Virtual Tags and Local Positioning"

    Leandro Silva, Diamantea Mongelli, Paolo Lollini, Andrea Bondavalli

  • "A dependability evaluation for OBD-II Edge Devices: an Internet of Intelligent Vehicles perspective"

    Gabriel Signoretti, Marianne Silva, Jordy Araujo, Ivanovitch Silva, Diego Silva, Paolo Ferrari, Emiliano Sisinni

  • "Squad: A Secure, Simple Storage Service for SGX-based Microservices"

    Matteus Silva, Fábio Silva, Andrey Brito

  • "Resource Utilization Analysis of Early Scheduling in Parallel State Machine Replication"

    Eliã de Lima Batista, Eduardo Alchieri, Fernando Dotti, Fernando Pedone

  • "IaaS Cloud Availability Planning using Models and Genetic Algorithms"

    Matheus D'Eça Torquato de Melo, Lucas Torquato, Paulo Maciel, Marco Vieira

  • "SM4VO: A Security Management Mechanism for Virtual Organizations"

    Maykon Chagas, Jucélio Silva, Daniel Adriano, Michelle Wangham

  • "A Comprehensive Evaluation of Webpage Content Features for Detecting Malicious Websites"

    John McGahagan

  • "A Handover Algorithm for Video Sharing over Vehicular Networks"

    Lucas Pacheco, Iago Medeiros, Hugo Santos, Helder Oliveira, Denis Rosário, Eduardo Cerqueira, Augusto Neto

  • Short Papers
    • "Deploying Privacy as a Service within a Cloud-Based Framework"

      Jorge Luiz Machado da Silva, Marcio Assis, Alexandre Braga, Regina Moraes

    • "BLOCKHOUSE : Blockchain-based distributed storehouse system"

      Doriane Perard, Lucas Gicquel, Jerome Lacan

    • "Inviolable Presence Registration of Mobile Entities in the ContextNet Middleware"

      Matheus Leal, Flávia Pisani, Markus Endler

    • Practical Experience Report
      • "Implementation, Verification and Validation of a Safe and Secure Communication Protocol for the Railway Domain"

        Duccio Bertieri, Tommaso Zoppi, Innocenzo Mungiello, Andrea Ceccarelli, Andrea Bondavalli)

      • "Improving data availability in HDFS though replica balancing

        Rhauani Fazul, Patricia Pitthan Barcelos, Paulo Vinicius Cardoso

      • "Implementation of a Dependable Smart Device in IoT Era"

        Diego Silva, Marcelo Nogueira, Marconi Rodrigues, Ivanovitch Silva, Paolo Ferrari, Emiliano Sisinni

      • More information coming Soon!